Arnies Recon.
"Quest for the Best"

Some things we get at Arnies are so cool we're starting our own museum…


From daggy 70’s Hi-Fi's to classic Apples, 1950’s radios to 90’s satellite phones. Palm Pilots, Dictaphones, Blackberries, Reel-to-Reel stereo systems...even TV’s used to watch  the moon landing.

They're so amazing, we wonder what else is hidden away on Sydney's dusty shelves.


That’s why Arnies is announcing Sydney’s Quest for the Best!


Each week one person from the winning council or shire in Sydney will win a trophy for the coolest stuff of the week.


Each weekly winner will then go into the running for the prestigious coolest stuff of the month award! Stuff of the Month winners will receive 2 Tickets to either Events Gold Class or Hoyts Lux Cinemas!

At the Grand Final on 17 December 2020, Arnies will proudly announce Sydney's Ultimate Coolest Stuff of the Year!

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