The Journey Begins...

Before starting Arnies Recon with Adrian, my professional world was completely different. As a coach and strategist, I worked in conference rooms, wearing suits and talking about ideas and theories. My time was spent in conversations about what people could do in the field.

But, my time was spent on the sidelines and never in the field.

Arnies was cold water on my face that shocked me onto the field, in work boots and safety gear, far away from boardrooms and suits.

Getting past the initial adjustments and expectations about what my work should look like, I was surprised to find the level of meaning and joy in what we do. This is real, in action.

Just like so many companies we hear about, we actually did start in my garage, picking up stuff from the piles by the side of the road and piling them in the back of Adrian's car. We then bought Yabadeen, our first van. Nicknamed out of her license plate - YBD. But, it was just Adrian and I, looking for piles and saving what we could.

A little over a year later, we're a team of six, with two vans (Kevin joined us in January as our first new vehicle) and a warehouse in Kingsgrove. We can now measure what we save from landfill each day in tonnes - 3 - 4 to be exact.

Still in our work boots and driving occasionally. But, I'm now more focused on building the company and overseeing the whole of it. I was tempted to say manage the teams, but this is a crew that runs itself. We're all in, so not much managing to be done.

As we settle Sydney in, we also have our sites on the next location, building our global circular economy and looking at more creative ways to save stuff from landfill...

Goofing off at the original photo shot with my daughter, Emmy behind the camera.

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