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How We Work
For Individuals or Small Collections

You bring it to a hub,
we take it from there

When you book in, we'll confirm your community collection day via text. As a business, or if you have enough items to fill half a van, we'll confirm a collection date and two-hour window. 

Keep in mind

  • All items must be cleaned of all food, dirt and mould (they are a bio-hazard and we can't take them for health reasons).

  • All computers, phones and tablets can be restored or reset to wipe your data if you can turn them on. We do erase hard drives.

  • We do not go into homes and will not unhook, dismantle, clean or remove items from inside.

  • We do go into offices.

  • Box all small items such as cables, remotes, charges, old ipods, stereos, speakers and other devices.

Please ensure you want to get rid of whatever you are putting out. This includes the boxes or bags you put your stuff in. We can't assure their return.

We find a use for your stuff whole or as parts

Once we've picked up your stuff, we take it back to our warehouse where it's sorted into what's usable as is, what's to be used for parts or becomes scrap.


We do

  • Source local avenues with people who either collect or refurbish appliances and electronics.

  • Work with production companies, collectors and small businesses who use the items as is.

  • Take what can't be used in any way to scrap.


We don't

  • Repair or sell appliances directly to the public. We are not licensed electricians, and so can't guarantee the safety of any appliance.

  • Recycle styrofoam or other packing materials.

  • Accept dirty appliances full of food, debris or mould. They need to be cleaned first or we will leave them.

  • Pick up fridges, freezers, ovens, stoves, range hoods, BBQ, rear-screen TVs or large office photocopiers. 

  • Take video tapes, CDs or DVDs. (We can take video games.)

We do not move large, heavy items up or down stairs if they require a trolley. We need level access for heavy items to ensure our driver's safety.

Our drivers must have a loading dock with 3m+ clearance, or a place to park safely and legally. Otherwise items need to be brought to the van.


If your items are in a narrow laneway, have no clear access or place to park, they will need to be left where we can pick them up.


We cannot guarantee a pick up if we do not have appropriate level access.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

If you want to learn more about  who we are and what we do, go to our FAQ page.

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