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How To Recycle with Arnies​

To prepare:

  • Clean off all food, dirt and mould

  • Wipe and restore all computers, phones and tablets if you can turn them on. Remove them from your cloud account.

  • Box all small items such as cables, remotes, charges, old ipods, cameras and other devices in one box.

  • Remove all soft plastic bags, manuals and non-electronics. 

Please make sure you want to get rid of whatever you are putting out! Due to the large volume of our collections we won't be able to return them.​

We do

  • Find the best way to recycle your items that leaves the smallest footprint.

  • Source local avenues with people who either collect or refurbish appliances and electronics.

  • Donate certain item.


We don't​ (see FAQ for a full list)

  • Recycle styrofoam or other packing materials.

  • Accept dirty appliances full of food, debris or mould. 

  • Take ovens, stoves, range hoods, BBQ or rear-screen TVs in our vans. 

  • Take video tapes, CDs or DVDs. (We can take video games.)

We do not take

Smoke detectors

CRT TVs (Old Box type)


See our FAQ page for the full list of what we do and do not take.

We need level access for heavy items to ensure our driver's safety.

Our vans require access to parking or a loading dock with 3m+ clearance. Otherwise items need to be brought to the van.

If your items are in a narrow laneway, have no clear access or place to park, they will need to be brought to where we can park safely and legally.

We cannot guarantee a pick up if we do not have appropriate level access.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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