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How to Prepare for Your Pick Up

What You Need to Do

​To prepare for your pick up we ask you to:

  • Clean any items of all dust, food, debris and mould, especially vacuum cleaners and microwaves.

  • Drain any water from the appliance using the electric function or manual valve.

  • Turn off location services (in Settings > Privacy) on Apple devices, delete it from your cloud account, then restore or reset any computers, phones and tablets to wipe your data. We erase all hard drives.

  • Make sure you do not want anything you leave for us. This includes any boxes or bags. We can't assure its return.

  • Clearly mark anything else you are leaving outside to let us know not to take it. 

  • Unpack any TVs from their box and leave it out just on their own.

  • If a certificate of erasure or destruction is needed, ensure you email a document with all serial numbers to  Print the document and hand the printout to the driver when they take those items. Please make sure we have confirmed that we know the items that need to be documented before the pick up date to ensure we are ready to receive and process the items appropriately.

What We Do and Don't Take

We do take

  • Laptops, computers, servers, tablets, mobiles, switches, routers, TVs, printers, monitors, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, microwaves, drones, cables, chargers, remotes... (for a full list see our FAQ page)


We do not take:

  • Smoke Detectors (see below)

  • Ovens, range hoods or stoves

  • Treadmills or other large gym equipment

  • Dirty appliances filled with dirt, food or mould

  • Large office photocopiers

  • Appliances filled with water

  • Vacuum cleaner bags filled with dirt or debris

  • Styrofoam or other packing materials

  • Furniture or other non-electrical items

  • Video tapes, DVDs or CDs (we do take computer games)


All items need to be cleaned before leaving them out for collection. 


They contain a radioactive element which would expose our staff to hazardous materials.

We can not recycle Fridges or freezers at this time. 

We do not dismantle items, nor do we remove them from wall mountings or internal installations. 

We do not move large, heavy items down stairs inside or outside - our drivers must have level access to ensure their safety. 

We cannot guarantee a pick up if we do not have appropriate access.

Our drivers must have a place where our vans or truck can safely and legally park to pick up your items.


If your items are in a narrow laneway that does not allow for a large van, have no clear access or place to park, they will need to be left where we can pick them up.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.