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Volunteer Briefing – Community e-waste Collection Days


Thank you for volunteering to help collect e-waste on the upcoming community collection day. We couldn’t do this without volunteers like yourself and greatly appreciate your partnership.


The following will help make the day work well, safely and effectively. We've outlined our safety guidelines in a video as well as below.



It’s important to always consider that you will be in an unsafe environment. Even if things seem like they will be fine, it’s a smart mindset to have when working with e-waste. Items get broken, scraped, chipped and degraded during transport and so you need to always be mindful of the state they’re in.


Always wear gloves when touching anything. Things can be unexpectedly sharp or may break. Bunnings has cut proof gloves that conform to your hands and protect them. Equally, leather gardening gloves work well too.


We strongly recommend wearing closed toe shoes or boots, preferably with a hard top or steel caps to protect your feet in case something falls or breaks.


The pace that’s optimal to work at is steady. Not too fast. Working at a steady rate enables you to keep an awareness of your surroundings and take the time to ensure things are moved safely.


Handling Electronics

Different types of electronics require their own kind of handling.


Laptops/tablets/iPads – need to be either stacked on their sides or at a maximum of five on top of each other to avoid the screens breaking from the weight.


Computer towers, video/DVD players, stereos – these come in a contained rectangular box and can be stacked quite high as long as they are up against a wall to keep them stable. Make sure not to stack them above your head. They have rubber pieces on the bottom to help stabilise them.


Cables – can be placed in Gorilla bags.


Mobile phones – can be placed in a bucket or milk crate without any worry about breaking.


Vintage electronics and electrics – need to be stored separately and placed in a box. They often are fragile and so we handle them with care.


Cameras – can be placed in a bucket or milk crate.


Boom boxes or portable stereos – place in a box or bucket with others, preferably with some cardboard to keep them separate and from being damaged in transport.


Video game players like Xbox, Game Boy, Nintendo, etc – place all components in a milk crate or bucket. They can be mixed together.


Video cameras – often come in a case. Place them in a box or bucket.


Kitchen appliances (small such as a toaster) – place them together in a Gorilla bag.


Laptop and other chargers – which are large rectangle boxes attached to the wires/cables. Place them in a box.


If you have any questions on the day, find someone wearing an Arnies Recon hat or t-shirt and they will be able to help. Or ask one of your event organisers.


Thanks again for making this event possible!


Best wishes


Lisa & Adrian

 and the Arnies Recon Team

Arnies Recon
1/17 Barclay Street

Marrickville, NSW 2204

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