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Pick up and Recycling
Global Best Practice Data Security

We founded Arnies to provide a free recycling service while ensuring your assets are protected using global best practice. Since 2019, Arnies Recon has delivered just that and so earned the reputation for operating at the highest level of integrity and compliance.

Data that enters our centre is sanitised fully to DoD 5220.22-M and more than 20 international data sanitising standards using the Active@KillDisk method. For customers requiring a full audit trail, our strategic partners can trace your assets to the exact smelter. 
Customers can choose to allow their devices to be reused as the most efficient form of recycling; or to have their hard drive and/or device fully destroyed. All parts then are reduced to their base components and used into manufacturing. Nothing goes to landfill

There are no hidden fees. All of Arnies Recon services are free including: pick up of all electronics and appliances (working or not) data destruction, asset sanitisation or destruction, certification, audit trail and documentation.

Our processes are ISO compliant, follow best-practice international guidelines and standards, are aligned to the Australian National Waste Scheme 2019 and the United Nations Sustainability Goals. 


We pick up: computers; laptops; tablets; servers; racks; mobiles; towers; chargers; modems; cables; peripherals; wires; landline phones; cameras, scrap metal; and most other appliances. See our FAQ page for the full list.

Australians throw out over 40,000 tonnes of electronics and appliances a month. Businesses and schools have a unique advantage to reach into the community and make a difference there by providing collection points for employees. Arnies partners with businesses, schools and government departments either as ongoing recycling hubs,  or through employee community collection days.


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