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Enterprise Level Capacity
Best Practice Data Security
Full Service & Certification
Zero  Cost

Since 2019, Arnies Recon has earned a proven reputation for operating at the highest level of sustainability without uncompromising data integrity and privacy compliance.

Devices are fully dismantled, or sanitised to over 20 of the most stringent international standards depending on your operational requirements using our Active@KillDisk™️ system. We will discuss and design an audit trail that meets or exceeds your company's protocols prior to collection.

We can pickup by appointment or take delivery during our standard hours. For deliveries in excess of 3 tonnes, please phone ahead in order to avoid waiting for loading bay availability.

Our processes are ISO compliant, follow best-practice international guidelines and standards, and are aligned to the Australian National Waste Scheme 2019 and the United Nations Sustainability Goals.


Your online booking starts the process, connects to our drivers app and all communications.

We'll need to know the number of devices. A photo tells us everything about the size of the job.

Need a certificate of erasure or disposal? Email us an Excel spreadsheet of all serial numbers, then give a printout to our driver. We'll take it from there. For free.

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