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We Make it Easy For You to Recycle Your Technology Securely and Safely

When your electronic assets are ready for an upgrade, we provide secure, sustainable recycling and destruction. We make it easy and simple for you to get rid of your equipment while keeping them out of landfill.

Our holistic approach includes ALL your electronics, electrical equipment and appliances. Our pick up and recycling service is unconditionally free.

Arnies' processes comply with international guidelines and standards, and are aligned to the Australian National Waste Scheme 2019 and  the United Nations Sustainability Goals. 


Our team comes to your office, picks up and recycles your electronics and appliances for free - working or not.


This includes: computers; laptops; tablets; servers; racks; mobiles; towers; chargers; modems; cables; peripherals; wires; landline phones; cameras, scrap metal; and most other appliances. Feel free to ask about items not listed. 


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Arnies Recon
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