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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your service really free?

Yes, we provide 100% free recycling of electric and electronic items to households, businesses and government. We never charge for these services. 

Do you pick up from households and businesses?

For homes, we mainly provide collection hubs in communities, block or dedicated neighbourhood collections which are organised in partnership with customers. We also have drop offs at our warehouse.

For business, schools, government and other professional entities, we do provide pick up services.  We also partner to set up office hubs and collection days for staff. We do ask that you wait until you have 12 or more items before requesting a pick up.


Due to the global driver shortage, we have been unable to source enough people to continue to provide home collections for small amounts of items. We still go to homes when there is enough to fill half a van or  a minimum of 12 items. 

What happens to my computers, phones and tablets and the data on it? Is my data safe? 

We presume every devise that we receive has personal data on it and that we need to protect it on behalf of the customer. The first thing we do is ensure all data is wiped.


Phones and Tablets

Sim cards are removed from devices collected for destruction and metals recovery. 

The best form of recycling is reuse. But, we will only be able to reuse your phone or tablet if it has been erased, restored to factory settings and, if an Apple device deleted from your iCloud account. It then becomes, in effect, a "new" device. In the case that it is locked, we only make its components available for parts, as your data security is our highest priority.

If your tablet, phone  or other device has data on it and is locked or password-protected, we will only use it for parts or fully recycle it as base components.

If you want to protect your personal data AND help us keep the devise in one piece, wiping and unlocking works for all everybody.

Hard Drives and External Hard Drives

If they can be reused, we erase hard drives using the KillDisk system that erases hard drives to U.S. Department of Defense 5220-22M erasure and 20+ more international sanitising standards.


Where a hard drive can not be used, or if a customer prefers, those drives are fully broken down as a source of valuable metals. If you prefer the highest grade on security, just let us know and we will ensure your hard drive is completely dismantled and destroyed via metals recovery.

Computers and Laptops

Computers that are modern enough to be refurbished are reused. Very old computers are often given to heritage computer enthusiasts who try to restore them and enjoy the challenge. Everything in between is broken down for a range of metals recovery destinations.

Need Highest Security?

Many business customers required us to completely destroy hard drives as the most secure way to ensure data is unrecoverable. We are happy to do this for business and private customers on request.

Do you provide certificates of destruction or erasure? What is your process?

Yes we do provide certificates of erasure or destruction on request to businesses, government, or other professional entities. This service is free. There is a process we need customers to follow:​

1) Let us know you need a certificate when you first book in.

2) Email a soft copy of the list of serial numbers with your company name and details, company contact and specific request for destruction or erasure.

3) Attach a printout of that list of serial numbers to the devices or hard drives so our drivers can readily see and separate them from other items. 

Upon completion of the process we will email the certificate. If no serial numbers are provided, but the devices are identified to our driver, we can issue a certificate for the aggregate number of devices.

What do and don't you pick up and recycle? Why?

We pick up and recycle most anything with a cord, and even the cords themselves!


We recycle cameras, computers, laptops, mobile phones, computer games and consoles, video games iPads, tablets, servers, server racks, stereos, speakers, DVD players, iPods, Foxtel boxes, phones, heaters, fans, batteries, amplifiers, monitors, TVs, calculators, transistor and clock radios, printers, medical equipment, tools, washing machines, dryers, air conditioners, portable air conditioners, microwave ovens, drones, dishwashers, cables, remotes, chargers, old or vintage collectables, plugs, solar panels, sewing machines, overlockers, steam mops, dehumidifiers .


Feel free to ask if you have something that isn't on the list. 

More importantly, is what we can't take. If your item isn't listed below, we can take it.


They contain a radioactive element which would expose our staff to hazardous materials if opened and recycled. They require specialised handling and facilities. The centre at Thornleigh takes them.

We do not take in our vans, but do accept at our warehouse:

  • Scrap metal

  • Extra large, rear-projection TVs

  • Treadmills

  • Exercise bikes

  • Other large exercise equipment.

  • Stoves

  • Ovens

  • Range hoods

  • Large office photocopiers that can't be carried safely by one person.

We do not take gas bottles. 


We take the batteries in computers, cameras, mobiles and similar other devices. 


We do take car batteries.


We do not accept:  

  • Old, box-style CRT TVs 

  • Fridges

  • Freezers

  • Gas bottles

  • Pianos

  • Organs

  • CDs

  • DVDs

  • Electric toothbrushes

  • Electric recliners or other furniture. (We can take the electric motor alone)

  • Paint or other chemicals

We do take video games

We do not pick up electric blankets, bed frames, trampolines, hot water tanks, beds, mattresses, furniture, building materials or anything hazardous. 

How can we help support Arnies?

We are asked every day how our customers and supporters can help. Here are some ways you can make a difference...

You can buy us a Kofi from this link. The donations are helping to raise funds for a best-practice fridge degassing system. We look forward to offering this as a free service to customers as soon as possible. Fridge gasses have a devastating effect on the atmosphere - said to be around 50-100 times worse than that of CO2.

You can become a community advocate. Advocates create community collection days in their neighbourhoods and businesses. Or even make their garage available for people in the neighbourhood to drop off for a block collection. Let us know if you would like to help in this way.

One of the easiest ways you can help us is by unlocking, erasing and restoring your devices to their factory settings. We can then recycle them in a way that keeps them whole- which is best practice.  We can safely find an enthusiastic new owner to give the devise a new life.

What do you do with the items you pick up?

The best form of recycling is reuse. With that in mind...

  • We try to find buyers for the items as they are. If we can safely provide the item to a collector or refurbisher, we can recycle with the lowest footprint possible.

  • We find people who refurbish and reuse the items as they are or as parts to make whole units. 

  • We locate collectors in Australia and overseas who are excited by retro electronics and want to own or restore old items that have nostalgic value.

  • Disassemble items and sell individual items are parts

  • Donate items for use in community and/or arts projects

  • Break down computers for precious and valuable metals recovery

  • Recycle any items that we are unable to sell with safety for metals and precious metals

  • Constantly seek better ways to recycle

We NEVER put electronics or parts of electronics in landfill!

Do you repair electronics or appliances?

Unfortunately we don't for a few reasons.


1. We don't have the resources to test and repair safely and accurately (something we are working on). 


2.The sheer volume and range of articles we receive make repair time hard to come by - especially if you want to get it right - which we do. 


3. Manufacturers make repairing devices almost impossible. Either they are irreparable or the expensive of the repair parts is prohibitive. We believe right-to-repair acts may change this soon. But for now, repair and resale is very difficult.

Are you a not-for-profit or a charity?

We are a for-profit, social enterprise. The money we make enables us to keep our pick up and recycling service free for the community.


Do you recycle everything?

Yes. We do not put any of the items we pick up for recycling into landfill. 

Can you assure safe destruction of data?

Yes we completely dismantle all hard drives. We do provide a certificate upon request.

Do you operate in other locations?

We mainly operate in the Sydney, metro area and will be expanding to other locations as soon.

Do just pick up from homes?

We pick up from anywhere and anyone! We pick up from businesses as well as homes, schools... anywhere there is stuff to be recycled. Our service is free to businesses as well as households.

Can I drop stuff off at your warehouse?

Yes! We are now available for drop offs at 1/17 Barclay St, Marrickville (the last door before the cul-de-sac)...
Monday - Friday between 9:00am - 3.00pm

Do you recycle videos, DVDs, CDs or cassettes? If so, how?

Right now we do not, although we used to. We received a very large volume and  are currently trying to find a way to recycle what we have. Once we find a way to responsibly recycle or reuse them, we will continue to accept these items.

However, we would never accept pornographic or pirated medium. Pirated products are illegal to sell and pornography is contrary to our company ethos. We would have to bin anything that comes in as they can't be recycled. As we are committed to saving everything we pick up from landfill, we will not knowingly pick up anything that we know we will need to throw out.

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