Is your service really free?

Yes, we provide 100% free pick up and recycling of electric and electronic items.


What do and don't you recycle? Why?

We pick up and recycle computers, laptops, mobile phones, stereos, amplifiers, monitors, televisions, washers, dryers, air conditioners, microwaves, dishwashers, fridges, cables, remotes, chargers and the assorted bits that come with electronics and appliances.


At this stage, we do not pick up stoves, ovens, barbecues, sandwich makers or other similar appliances. Often we have found them to contain old or decayed food which is a biohazard. 


We also do not pick up beds, mattresses, furniture, building materials or anything hazardous. 

What do you do with the items you pick up?

We find people who refurbish and reuse them as this is the most efficient form of recycling. If the appliances are too damaged we recycle them as scrap.

We also work with a community of families in Lagos, Nigeria, who are supporting orphaned young men to set up their own business repairing and selling electronics and appliances. 

Do you recycle, sell or donate them to people in need here?

We do work with people to repair and reuse things locally, but do not donate or sell the appliances or electronics directly to consumers. 

We would have to test the appliances and electronics  first according to legal standards and guarantee that  they are safe to use before selling or donating them. Otherwise they are at risk of being a fire hazard.

We are not licensed electricians and so would have to pay for that service. We are still very new (started 22 December 2019) and self-funded, so at this time we can't afford to employ a licensed electrician to test all appliances according to acceptable standards. 

Are you a not-for-profit or a charity?

We are a for-profit, social enterprise. The money we make enables us to provide free pick up and recycling for the community.


Do you recycle everything?

Right now, we recycle all units as a whole through other vendors.

Do you operate in other locations?

We mainly operate in the Sydney, metro area and will be expanding to other locations as soon.

Do just pick up from homes?

We pick up from anywhere and anyone! We pick up from businesses as well as homes, schools... anywhere there is stuff to be recycled. 

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