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Arnies Recon.

100% Free pick up, drop off and recycling of your electronics and appliances

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...to our warehouse at 190 kingsgrove Rd, Kingsgrove.

We take, computers, laptops, mobiles, TVs, washing machines, dryers, microwaves, cables... 

Arnies Recon
190 Kingsgrove Rd, Kingsgrove, NSW 2208
PH: 0472 629 154

 50 Million Tons of Electronics

hits landfill each year

Arnies Recon works tirelessly to keep stuff out of the ground.


By request, as of January 2021 Arnies Recon is taking deliveries at our Kingsgrove Rd location.

Arnies Recon takes unwanted electrical items, sorts them and allocates them where they're wanted.

We find homes for your unwanted goods with collectors, refurbishers, artists, production companies and companies that recycle for parts or precious metals.

Nothing goes to landfill.

Arnies Recon is about reconsidering our future and creating a circular flow of stuff from our shops, to our homes, and back into use.

From all of us at Arnies, thank you for your support and most importantly, for your stuff!

Lisa and Adrian


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